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All-stars reflect on shining moments
May 31, 2012 1:15 pm | Filed Under: Departments
Mrs. Johanna Gordon's seventh bell (left) and Mrs. Beth LeBlanc's seventh bell team debate during the second round of the all-star debate tournament. Mrs. Gordon’s team won this debate with their affirmative plan of “File Sharing.” They went on to win the entire tournament. (Photo Courtesy of Krittika Chatterjee)

One week after the all-star debate tournament’s completion, the competitors reflect back on the tournament; they discuss what they learned and offer advice to next year’s debaters.

“I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my team, and also I learned to think on my feet, but looking back I wish I would have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to rebuttal,” said Gabrielle Peck, 10, all-star finalist.

“I would tell incoming sophomores not to view this as another school project, but rather a new experience,” said Nicholas Hershey, 10, debate tournament finalist.

Other students agree that sophomore debates helped them with their public speaking skills.

“The biggest thing I got out of debates was probably an opportunity to hone my public speaking skills as well as delve into serious research,” said Nimit Desai, 10.

Though most competitors take pride in their victories, Mrs. Johanna Gordon’s winning seventh bell team has experienced a slight hiccup in their glory.

“There were rumors that the winning team would receive free parking passes, and I am not sure whether the administrators OK'ed this, but I am really upset about not having received one,” said Mark Reinhart, 10, a member of the winning debate team.

The seniors in charge of the tournament claimed that the winning debate team would receive free parking passes for their junior year, but the team has yet to receive them.

“At first, we thought that there was just some technicality that the administration had to work out in order to obtain the passes, but after a week of waiting, it is hard to believe we will even get these parking passes,” said Emily Winchell, 10, who was also a member of Mrs. Gordon’s seventh bell all-star team.

No confirmation one way or another has been made yet from the administration on the status of the parking passes.