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Cappies Gala looms on horizon
May 24, 2012 12:09 pm | Filed Under: Clubs
Aves Theatre students cannot help but remember the glory of “Phantom” what with all of this talk of Cappies. Winners of awards last year included Mason Levy and Emily Kissela, 11. This year, Aves Theatre hopes to add to their trophy collection. (Photo Courtesy of McDaniel's Photography)

Usually the obligatory discussion point when speaking of Aves Theatre, The Cappies program holds an annual gala which is quite similar to the Oscar or Tony Awards.

Imagine the Oscars, but substitute Brad Pitt's smiling mug with the bight and optimistic faces of your classmates involved in theatre, such as those of Emily Gilgoff, 12 or Cady Aulicino, 12, both of whom are nominees.

"The Gala is probably the most important event of the year for me, short of St. Patrick's Day," said Zoe Bochner, 11.

Lasting for several hours, the ceremony includes student performances of excerpts from all nominated shows. For instance, Aves Theatre's production of "Into the Woods" has garnered multiple nominations, and so they will perform the song "No One is Alone" from Act II.

"'No One is Alone' is an excellent song to sing at the Gala, since it conveys some of the main themes of 'Into the Woods' and is on the whole an excellent representation of our production," said Emily Kissela, 11.

"The Gala is long, but it sure as molasses isn't boring. It's great to watch and support your thespi
an brothers and sisters," said Elliot Handkins, 11.

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