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Cincinnati moving up in world
April 26, 2012 11:38 am | Filed Under: General
Jon Stewart and Lang Lang are two celebrities who took notice of Cincinnati. Stewart performed on Apr. 20. Lang will be performing on May 4-5. (Photo Courtesy of Lila Englander)

“Living in Cincinnati is dull. Nothing ever happens here,” said Megan Rogge, 9.

Rogge’s attitude sums up the feelings of many SHS students. However in recent years, more national and international attention has been paid to Cincinnati.

On Apr. 20, Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show, spoke at the Aronoff Center.

“Ohio is the place politicians visit every four years to sit around a diner and ask ‘Things still shitty? Yup? Well see you in four years!’” said Stewart.

The joke is a fairly accurate portrayal of the political attention Cincinnati receives. Yet, Stewart’s visit to Cincinnati contradicts the general joke that Cincinnati is not an important location.

Another example is Chinese concert piano star Lang Lang, who will be performing in Cincinnati at Music Hall on May 4-5.

“I did a big project on Lang Lang so I can really appreciate his talent and influence. It is incredible that he is coming to Cincinnati, since he is such a hero in China,” said Aaron Pang, 10.

To many, stars like Stewart and Lang are larger than life. Seeing them in Cincinnati is further proof of the rapid transformation of a boring conservative city to a young exciting point of interest.

For more examples of innovation in Cincinnati see the page 6 and 7 of the April issueof the Leaf.