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College students volunteer over break
March 22, 2012 11:33 am | Filed Under: Departments
During the week of Mar. 19, a small group of students from The Ohio State University taking part in Buck-I-Serve traveled to Willow River, MN. They are spending their spring break at Camp Heartland, a camp for children with HIV/AIDS. Throughout the week, the students will spend their time improving the camp grounds for the children. (Photo Courtesy of Aamna Dosani)

While many people think of spring break in college as heading south for a week of partying, some students donate their time to better causes.

Colleges across the country take part in “alternative spring breaks”. Students travel to places all over the country to volunteer for different projects.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s been a really good experience so far, and I’m glad that I'm spending my time doing this,” said Ashley Janda, a student part of Buck-I-Serv, an alternative spring break program at The Ohio State University.

Each trip focuses on different social issues, and then performs projects to help the cause. From building houses to helping out at shelters, these students help thousands of people.

“It’s a nice feeling that my time is being spent helping people as opposed to wasting a week doing nothing,” said Aamna Dosani, a student participating in Buck-I-Serv.

As SHS students move on to college, they will have the choice of how to spend their breaks. With the high amount of volunteering from SHS students, it is very likely that many will join in to help communities all over America.

“Alternative spring break sounds like a really good opportunity; I would love to do it sometime during my college career,” said Sneha Rajagopal, 9.