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Girls lose hard-fought battle
April 5, 2012 12:51 pm | Filed Under: Athletics
KARA MARTH, 10, DEFENDS an Anderson opponent. This is Marth’s second year on Varsity, and her first year playing on the offensive end of the field. As her skills develop further, Marth is on her way to becoming an offensive threat. (Photo Courtesy of McDaniel's Photography)

After six relaxing days off for spring break, the girls lacrosse team was reunited on the field on Mar. 29 to begin a series of two-a-days in order to prepare for their season opener against Medina High School.

This lax-filled “vacation” was packed with morning and afternoon practices, team bonding activities, and alumni lacrosse games.

“Although there was a rain delay, I had a great time going to watch Faith Koehne, ’11, play. It was a really awesome bonding experience as well,” said Lucy Schutty, 11.

Despite their hard effort during the days prior to the tournament, the girls eventually lost to Medina 8-7 in overtime. However, the girls were proud of their accomplishments, and are excited to continue to grow as a team as the season progresses.

“I was really upset that we lost but the fact that we almost beat the two time State champions is really representative of all the effort we’ve put in all year. I know now that we will come up with the win next time we play them,” said Katie MacLachlan, 12.

The girls’ next game is not until Apr. 14, but they are already working hard to improve on the mistakes from their first game.

“A lot of the mistakes we made were mental errors. Once we clean up our game and gain a little more experience we have the potential to be a really powerful team,” said Kara Marth, 10.