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James Blake, giving old style a new twist
April 24, 2012 11:45 am | Filed Under: Entertainment
James Blake is a wonderful new artist, who is blossoming into a driving force of modern music. He has combined the feel of soul with relaxed electronica to create a new genre all its own. Blake’s CD the Willhelm Scream is a must have for all dubstep and soul music fans. (Photo Courtesy of Michael DeMaio)

Quite, Loud, old, new, solemn, and true; these are all words that can describe James Blakesmooth post dubstep, soul inspired grooves.

Blake takes his influence from old time Jazz pianists, but puts a new wave spin on their time tested style.

He integrates electronic beats, synth laden instrumentals, a voice that switches seamlessly between an effected vocoder sound into his own soulful acoustic singing, and jazz chordal arrangements.

All into a single entity that becomes his music.

“Making music is something that I’ve done all my life purely for personal gain”, said Blake to the Guardian.

And, it shows. His music is different, ground breaking, and truly telling of how he feels.

His album the Wilhelm Scream is the definition of what music should be; exactly the way the musician wants it to be.

Blake turned down numerous record labels advice to re-record the album with a proper producer in favor of keeping it exactly the way it was created, by him, in his own bed room.

James is part of a new wave of self-producing artists that are helping to drive music forward to places that commercial producers will not go, because of the risk that change or deviation from their time tested traditions could cause.

“It didn’t have to be all in one; it could be something that I designed from the ground up.” said Blake to the Guardian when asked to describe his recording process.

It was this comfort ability that allowed Blake to create his own original music. Exactly the way he wanted it and perfect for listeners across the globe.