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JV baseball struggles this year
April 26, 2012 11:38 am | Filed Under: Athletics
Sean Clayton, 10 and Ben Gunn, 10 skipped the JV level and shot right to varsity. With a little JV playing time as freshman these two have proved themselves at the varsity level. Both players start and get a lot of playing time. (Photo Courtesy of Rayn Wessinger)

After more than ten games, the JV baseball team is struggling with only two wins. After facing a devastating loss to Lakota West on Apr. 23, the team looks to bounce back.

“We got run ruled by the fifth inning, we didn’t play good, and it didn’t help that Lakota could hit,” said Andrew Hanus, 10.

There are ups to the JV season though. Last year the freshman team (this year’s JV team) lost every game, but this year they have already won two, and have competed in many close games.

“We have made huge improvements from last year, and just barely lost to Hamilton a few weeks back,” said Andrew Size, 10.

The Aves ran out of opportunities to finish the year at a five hundred record. With only five games left, the aves would need to win every game, and they would still fall short of five hundred, by two games.

“This was a growing year I am disappointed that we did not do as great as we thought we would, all we can do is finish strong,” said Zach Swadner, 10.

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