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Q&A with Jenn Adamec, 9, U4U class representative
December 8, 2011 1:18 pm | Filed Under: Clubs
Children from Uganda play with their visitors during free time. Unified for Unifat raises awareness and money to support the UNIFAT school in Uganda. Several students, including Stephanie Adamec, 11, sister of Jenn Adamec, had the opportunity to travel to the school over the summer. (Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Adamec)

Q: How did you get involved in Unified for Unifat?

A: My sister is in the club and she actually traveled to Uganda over the summer. She got me to join.

Q: What U4U events are coming up?

A: The next event is the iDance which is on Jan. 7 at Moeller's activity center. Then, the U4U amazing race is on Mar. 17, along with the benefit concert. I encourage everyone to come.

Q: What plans have you been making for the event?

A: I have been getting together planning committees together to organize the event. A lot of behind the scenes action takes place in order to run large events.

Q: Are you planning on continuing U4U throughout your high school career?

A: Yes. So far, U4U has been an awesome experience and I cannot wait for the next four years to come. I am already in love with the club. I hope to travel to Uganda at some point.

For more information, check out the Unified for Unifat website.