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School districts attempt to make budget cuts
April 19, 2012 11:27 am | Filed Under: Departments
Trying to save money, Burnesville School is thinking about closing school every other Monday. If the school follows through on this plan, they will be the first school to make this change. "This would be the first time for a major district to take this on. We just can't keep doing things the same old way," said Ron Hill, chairman of the Burnsville school board, to the Star Tribune. (Photo Courtesy of Atiya Dosani)

As schools all over the country are finding ways to save money, Burnesville School in Minnesota is considering giving students every other Monday off school. Their other idea to lower costs was to start their summer before Memorial Day.

To make up for the lost days, each school day would be lengthened by 36 minutes. This plan would save the school $5 million each year.

"There's nobody in the world that thinks adding 35 minutes will make up for missing a full day every other week. I think it meets the letter of the law but not the intent,” said Joel Smetanka, a parent of children at Burnesville, to the Star Tribune.

However, Burnesville is not the only school working to lower spending. In Texas, schools are selling ad space on buildings and buses. The decision was made in response to the Texas state legislature cutting $5.4 billion in education funding.

“It’s helping classrooms, and that’s the bottom line here,” said Angela Shelley, Carrollton-Farmers Branch spokeswoman, to Dallas News.

According to Time magazine, a minimum of 12 states allow ads on buses or other public buildings. Some schools are printing ads on report cards, while other schools are placing ads on student lockers.

"The budget crisis has been a devastating blow to our district and to our students," said Carl Toliver, superintendent of the Stockton Unified School District, to The Huffington Post.