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School releases early due to a power outage?
April 16, 2012 11:31 am | Filed Under: General
Seniors: Been Rothchild, Jack Bernard, and Peter Gianetti. Students were forced to remain in their classrooms no matter how dark they were. Some students were luckier than others, and had windows in their rooms. Others were made to sit in a room of complete darkness. (Photo Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Carla Ibarra)

Coming back from a three day weekend, and spring break the week before, students were prepared to go back to school and have their first full school week of the 4th quarter. But when students entered the building on April 9th, power inside of the building was not functioning properly."

When I got to the school the lights in the commons looked like strobe lights, because the lights were flickering so fast,” said Jhamal Sambola, 12.

That morning when students were walking through the commons before the start of school, lights were flickering, and parts of the building received no light because of the power outage.

During first bell, the administration made an announcement that the newer parts of the building were not receiving power and that throughout the day the situation would gradually get better. Within minutes the school lost most of its power.

“I was overjoyed to hear we were getting out of school early. I heard rumors but I did not think they were actually going to let us out,” Brady Johnson, 10

At 9:15 am, SHS was forced to send students home, in order to be able to start working on the power problem.