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SHS comes up short in All Sports Trophy
May 17, 2012 11:37 am | Filed Under: Athletics
SHS finished second in the GMC All Sports Trophy. Finishing in a close third place was Lakota West High School, and not far back in fourth was Lakota East High School. The race for the Trophy will start back up again during next year’s fall sports season. (Photo Courtesy of Alex Wittenbaum)

With the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons completed, the fight for the Greater Miami Conference, (GMC), All Sports Trophy has come to an end. The race was very tight between the top four teams.

In the end, SHS ended up in second place with 166.5 total points, finishing behind 53.5 points after first place finisher, Mason High School.

“A second place finish was great for our school. Mason is always tough, but we will definitely be ready next year to challenge them for first place,” said Jared Marsh, 9.

SHS did not win second place easily, as they barely beat off Lakota West High School, who was only three and a half points behind. Sitting only nine points back, in fourth was Lakota East High School.

“I am glad that we could squeeze out a second place. It is very impressive when that we could finish in front of the usually talented Lakotas,” said Nimit Desai, 10.

Each spring sport provided a good number of points to help SHS secure their second place finish.

Boys and Girls Track each provided nine points, Tennis provided nine points, and Volleyball provided seven points towards SHS’ overall score. Other notables were Baseball, with four and a half points, and Softball, with two and a half points.

“I strive to be on the Tennis Team next year, and I will try my best to help my team win the GMC’s and get more points so we can get closer to winning the, (All Sports,) Trophy,” said Alex Kang, 11.

The battle for the GMC All Sports Trophy will start up next fall sports season, and all sports will count equally in the race for the title.