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St. Vincent, intricate, rustic, and modern
April 19, 2012 12:03 pm | Filed Under: Entertainment
St. Vincent is a talented performer, and multi-instrumentalist. She started her career in a supporting role to the popular Sufjan Stevens, but soon struck out on her own and has had an extremely successful career as a solo artist. She has three albums that are all worth listening to, and can be picked up at a local record store today! (Photo Courtesy of Michael DeMaio)

What happens when jazz arrangements, meet stringed instrumentation, a crooning voice, a powerful guitar, and electronic rhythms, Annie Clarke happens, also known by her stage name, St. Vincent, is an extremely popular singer songwriter with her own unique style, and many notches in her belt.
Prior to her solo project, Annie Clark attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, toured in Sufjan Stevens touring band, and was in Glenn Branca’s one hundred guitar orchestra.
“I’m first and foremost a guitar player. I’ve been playing since I was 12, which is over half of my life. I like the physicality of it; you can strangle it or make it sing. I wouldn’t say I’m a very technical player, though. I’m more intuitive-- it’s always more about chasing an abstraction,” said Clark to Pitchfork Magazine when discussing her guitar style.
“Yeah, absolutely, I pretty much unplugged while writing] this record. I’ve done other records where I wrote everything on the computer. But, for this one, the computer was put away, and it was just a guitar and a voice.” said Clark to Pitchfork Magazine when discussing her writing style for her newest album [Strange Mercy.
Clark’s style is extremely original, and her music is very thought provoking. Her songs are accessible to any music goer, whether they are a trained musician, or just a casual listener there will be no misunderstanding of what Clark is saying in her songs, or lack of enjoyment in any way shape or form.
Her CD’s are a must have for any person who is a fan of great independent music; and can be picked up at a record store near you (I’d go to Shake It)!