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Students begin studying for AP exams
April 19, 2012 1:04 pm | Filed Under: General
AP STUDENTS GATHER in order to complete registration for upcoming Advanced Placement exams. These exams will take place over two weeks, from May 7 to May 18, and earning a passing score gives students possible college credit. The exams are less than a month away, and teachers recommend students to already be studying. (Photo Courtesy of Sanika Vaidya)

The looming AP exams are now less than a month away, and students are beginning to study for the tests that, if they pass, can give them college credit. On May 18, students gathered to complete paperwork for the exams, which will take place from May 7 to May 18.

“In order to study you have to start about a month before. Just don’t cram the night before or you won’t remember anything,” said Deborah Wu, 12, who has taken six AP exams.

AP European history teacher Mrs. Marilyn Ray recommends that students use 20 minute focused study periods using the Princeton Review AP exam preparation books to get ready for the exam.

“I’ve started studying a little, and I’m nervous, but if I stick to studying I think I should come out fine,” said Emily Wick, 10, who will be taking her first AP exam, for European history.

Whatever the method for studying that they use, students hoping to score well will need to prepare well over the next few weeks.

“I can’t wait until the AP exams are over and I can get my life back,” said Garret Whitfield, 11.