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Students breeze through last days
May 31, 2012 10:54 am | Filed Under: General
Students relax because they are done stressing. No more freaking out over grades until next fall. Finally, it is time to be with friends out in the sun. (Photo Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Lauren Glynn)

As the year rapidly comes to an end students begin to realize their final grades. Multiple students are getting exempt from their finals while others start to study to help their final grades.

Depending on what students have received for quarter grades and also midterm grades determine whether they do or do not have to take a classes’ final exam.

“I thought I was completely doomed with my Spanish grade, but after discussing it with my teacher we discovered I could fail the final and still get a B for the class,” said Shay Wolfe, 9.

Talking to teachers may let you understand final grades, because in special cases even if there is a C on your report card, there is still a chance to get a B for the class.

“I could literally leave half of the answers blank on my final exam, and still have a B for this year in my Spanish class,” said Wolfe.

A lot of students are in the same situation as Wolfe, but others need a certain grade on the exam to get the grade they wanted for the year.

“For one of my classes I need to get a B or higher to get the grade I want to end up with. It adds a bit more pressure, but I feel like if I study really hard I can do it,” said Sara Sess, 10.

Exams can be very stressful for some students, but knowing it is exam time should give a little relief because of the school days remaining this year.