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Suffering first lost early
April 26, 2012 11:37 am | Filed Under: Athletics
MADDIE BAKER,10, CASSIDY MCDOWELL,10, along with other teammates of the 2012 Varsity girls lacrosse team. These girls are swing players. The meaning of a swing player is that they will play most of the game time on J.V. while also getting Varsity time. (Photo Courtesy of McDaniels Photography)

Rival. A person who is competing for the same object or goal as another, or who tries to equal or outdo another; competitor. A rival is what Mason High School is to SHS.

In every student’s mind in athletics they all want to beat Mason just for bragging rights of the upcoming year. The J.V. girls lacrosse team fell short when they hosted Mason at the Junior High on Apr. 19.

Last season the game was cut short by 11 minutes due to weather conditions, the game resulted in a tie. The girls that are still on the team from last year want to make sure that the win would stay in the SHS column.

“The game last year was crazy with the weather and then getting cut short, but it was sure an experience,” said Cassidy McDowell, 10.

The girls battled through the whole game against tough opponent, with the final result being a 12-8 loss. Goals of the game were led by Brittany Murphy,9, Maddie Baker,10, and Libby Swofford, 10.

“Coming off a tough lost is not always the easiest but you have to make sure to keep everyone’s head held up high,” said Kristi Monaghan, 10.

Coaches asked the girls to stay for the first half of the Varsity game due to that it would probably be one of the best games to watch this season. In the state of Ohio, SHS is ranked 4th and Mason 14th.

“It is always fun to watch the Varsity girls along the sideline to kind of be a part of the team,” said Maddie Locke, 9.

Up next for the girls, they will be taking on Mariemont another tough opponent. The game is to be held at 6:00 P.M. on Apr. 26 at Mariemont.