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Tasteful festival for Cincinnati
May 31, 2012 11:10 am | Filed Under: General
The Taste of Cincinnati was yet another successful event for the city. After years and years of practice and preparation, many satisfied guests come and support this venue. Just remember to hydrate for next year’s event. (Photo Courtesy of Image by: Zach Fritzhand)

Memorial weekend was filled with much fun, sun, and food. As the temperature soared well above the 90 degree mark, many citizens flocked out to one of Cincinnati’s greatest tradition; the Taste of Cincinnati.

Over 36 people were attended to with medical needs due to intense heat. People surely did not have to look hard to see the effects of the temperatures on the crowd.

“It was extremely hot over the weekend and the fact that only 36 people were medically attended to was very surprising,” said Drake Heuerman, 9.

Over 500,000 people attended this event and only small percentages were medically attended.

The Cincinnati’s fire department set up cooling tents to insure everybody’s safety. Firefighters also handed out fans to cool off the crowd.

With many people in attendance, the restaurants served out their best dishes possible. Music was also big during the taste with many live bands performing.

“I went to the Taste of Cincinnati and the food was great along with the music and atmosphere,” said Margaret Jordan, 9.

The Taste of Cincinnati is one of Cincinnati’s premier events for the city and showcases many cultural and historic attractions that the city offers.

“I have been to the Taste of Blue Ash before but never the Taste of Cincinnati, it would be interesting to go one day,” said Brady Ridener, 10.

This was the 34th annual taste and the nation’s longest running festival. With the Cincinnati Reds’ game also finishing up during the taste, it was worrisome that many people would become dehydrated.