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Technology intertwines with political scene
May 10, 2012 11:59 am | Filed Under: General
Seeking reelection, President Barack Obama kicked off his campaign at a rally at the Ohio State University on May 5. Although only an hour and a half drive from Cincinnati, those not in attendance were able to live stream the event by visiting Obama’s website. The fast paced world of technology is beginning to make its impact on politics. (Photo Courtesy of Lila Englander)

President Barack Obama officially launched his campaign on May 5, at the Ohio State University in the Schottenstein Center. First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the rally, addressing the “American dream” and her own family’s struggle for success.

“…We believe that folks shouldn’t go bankrupt because they get sick. They shouldn’t lose their home because someone loses a job. We believe that responsibility should be rewarded and hard work should pay off,” said Michelle to the crowd.

Before speeches from the Obama’s, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Senator Sherrod Brown, former Governor Ted Strickland, and former Senator John Glenn, all spoke to the 14,000-person audience.

“That’s what’s at stake Ohio. On issue after issue we can’t afford to spend the next four years going backward,” said Barack.

The President’s new slogan, “forward,” also lends itself to the campaign’s new approach, which plans to implement the latest technology and social media platforms to enhance organizing and involvement.

At the rally, volunteers with iPads asked for email and Twitter accounts as supporters flooded into the arena. Supporters who were not able to make the event only had to visit the website to watch a live streaming of the speeches.

“I can not believe that it has gotten to the point where I can sit in my house and have a better view than the people that were there. Every part of life is being changed by technology,” said Paul Phillips, 9.

To watch the speeches visit Obama's website.