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Tennis team improves to 10-2 record
April 19, 2012 11:29 am | Filed Under: Athletics
Yuri Karev, 11 hits a forehand. He has been a very solid number three singles player. Karev is excited for the rest of the season. (Photo Courtesy of McDaniel's Photography)

Last week, from Mon, Apr, 9 to Sat, Apr 14 the Gold tennis team played seven matches. In the span of these matches, the team won six out of those seven.

“Before last week, I was incredibly nervous because I wasn’t sure about how we would do. It was a very tough week, but I think we handled it well,” said Brian Goodman, 11.

The team’s only loss from the entire week came at the hands of the Springboro Panthers on Wed, Apr 11. The Aves suffered this loss in a close battle which ended with the Panthers triumphing 3-2 in matches.

“Even though the Gold team lost their second match this week, it seems like they were able to rebound and end the week with four wins,” said Elliot Levy, 9.

“We were able to come back and focus ourselves to the task at hand,” said Josh Goodman, 12.

For more information on Varsity tennis, go to gmcsports.com/tennis.