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Unified for Unifat benefit concert cut short due to lightning
May 14, 2012 1:43 pm | Filed Under: Entertainment
Heat lightning occurs as faint flashes of light on clouds or over the horizon from distant thunderstorms. On the night of the Benefit Concert, flashes of lightning like the one shown above are the reason why the event ended early. Though there was no thunder and not a drop of rain, performers and spectators were forced to leave. (Photo Courtesy of Kelcie Grega)

Every year, nonprofit organization, Unified for Unifatholds a concert at Blue Ash square known as the Benefit Concert which is one of its most lucrative fundraising events.

Groups such as Bright Eyed Youth, SEE1, and other music acts were scheduled to play last Friday evening. It is a great opportunity for musicians to not only perform for a large audience but also help benefit a good cause.

For SEE1, Sycamore’s Electric Ensemble, it was their last performance of the year. Unfortunately, the dreaded appearance of lightning reared its ugly glare right in the middle of SEE1’s performance.

“I was really made that we did not get to finish playing, especially since this was our last performance,” said Aaron Pang, 10.

Some of the later acts such as Bright Eyed Youth did not even get the chance to perform.
“We were scheduled to play at 11:00 and the lighting came around 9:30. It was a shame, we were really ready to ‘rock it out’,” said Justin VanWagen, 10.

However, despite the concert being cut early, a substantial amount of money was raised that evening and there are other fundraising events coming up shortly.